Here you find answers to frequently asked questions. Often this is a convenient way to find answers to your questions. Should your question not be answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

­You have the option of moving e-mails from other providers to We also offer that you can keep your old email address. With it is possible to send mails as e.g. GMX or Google. With this, you can use, but you don't have to use a new e-mail address. If you have more than two e-mail addresses, you can manage them easily via

­You can access your e-mails with all mail clients or mobile devices. Either use the POP3 / IMAP procedure or our website with mobile view


Of course, we offer a demo account on which you can do (almost) everything. No registration, just enter the following data at the top right of the login window and start testing



Password: demo


If you liked the demo, you can register and test everything without obligation for 30 days.

Your e-mails are only sent in and out through encrypted connections. We support SSL / TLS and PFS when sending and receiving e-mails, when accessing via browser we use a 256 BIT SSL certificate level 2. Only selected personnel have access to our servers. All hard drives are encrypted and backed up daily.

You are only responsible for the security of your computer.

­We only save data that you give us. Whether this is your correct data or whether you use a pseudonym, for example, is irrelevant - we are not interested. You give us all data that you give us voluntarily. Nevertheless, we do not pass on anything and keep everything you let us know under lock and key.

We are also not interested in technical data such as your IP address, your operating system or the browser you use and are automatically transmitted anonymously and are therefore neither comprehensible to us nor to anyone else. Only the date and time of the log-in are saved for operational reasons.

­We currently offer payment via PayPal, bank transfer or letter. When paying with PayPal, please note the general terms and conditions of PayPal. As a rule, your invoice amount will then be credited immediately and your account will be activated promptly. When paying by bank transfer, it takes 2-3 working days for your account to be activated, as is the case when paying by letter.

­Under the menu item "Imprint" you will find the contact details of the person responsible for this service.